Design system

Stratox Tailwind is a lightweight design system that makes programming in CSS and HTML enjoyable while optimizing both. It keeps the code minimal by loading only the necessary Tailwind styles. The system includes normalizations, typography, wrappers, forms, cards, spacing classes, and more, all tied to media queries for a seamless, responsive design across all devices.

The Stratox Tailwind design system uses rem units in CSS, just like Tailwind, for scalability. However, it simplifies their usage by converting rem units to an intuitive scale: 2.5 rem equals 25 pixels, and .mb-40 represents 40 pixels. This makes achieving pixel-perfect designs effortless for developers without the need for calculations, ensuring consistency for both developers and designers.


I have more work to do on this guide, but for now, you can visit the site below to view and copy the components using your browser's inspector tool if you wish.

Startox Tailwind Components

Manual installation

If you did not install Startox Tailwind during the installation prompt, you can easily install it manually by following these instructions:

Manually install Startox Tailwind

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