Directory overview

Directory Structure Overview

Below is an overview of the most important directories and files in your project:

  • dist/: This directory contains the distribution/production code that you can build when your app is completed.

  • src/: This is your development directory.

    • assets/: Here you'll find your images and CSS styles.

      • images/: Images used in your application.

      • style.css: The main CSS file for styling your application.

    • controllers/: This is where you can add all your controllers.

    • routes/: Route definitions for your application.

    • templates/: All your templates, views, and components.

      • layout/: Contains layout views such as navigation.

      • views/: All your views should be located here.

    • components.js: This file contains your main components, such as form fields and buttons.

  • main.js: This is the main/index JavaScript file for your Startox application.

This structured approach helps organize your project effectively, making it easier to navigate and maintain.

Help Shape Stratox

Stratox is a new framework with much still to be done. Our next milestone is connecting view components to AJAX requests. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions for improvement. Contact us at

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