Why Stratox

Startox.js enables you to create high-quality web applications with the power of JavaScript.

Stratox.js is a user-friendly JavaScript framework that simplifies the creation of applications. By focusing on fundamental JavaScript and HTML, it allows even those with basic understanding to efficiently build engaging web projects. Stratox.js ensures optimal performance and swift application response times by efficiently utilizing JavaScript and HTML. Being platform-agnostic, it ensures seamless functionality across all devices without reliance on external dependencies. Its template engine and form builder are designed to follow HTML semantics, making it straightforward and accessible. Ideal for crafting single-page applications and enhancing existing HTML structures, Stratox.js provides a practical, accessible tool for developing versatile applications.

Help Shape Stratox

Stratox is a new framework with much still to be done. Our next milestone is connecting view components to AJAX requests. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions for improvement. Contact us at daniel.ronkainen@wazabii.se.


Stratox is very user-friendly because it lets you prioritize JavaScript and HTML instead of grappling with the complexities of new markup and platform-specific functions, which in the end only lead to the burden of unnecessary abstractions. Stratox harnesses JavaScript's core capabilities, promoting a practical and fundamental approach to modern web development.

Platform-agnostic nature

Stratox.js doesn't discriminate or judge based on the platform you use, and it works seamlessly on all platforms and depends on nothing but it self.

Full accessibility support

Moreover, by allowing developers to write regular HTML with the right semantics, Stratox.js ensures that the resulting interfaces are fully accessible. This dual emphasis on simplicity and accessibility makes Stratox.js a powerful tool for creating user-friendly and inclusive web applications.

Why Stratox.js?

  • High Performance: Stratox.js is optimized for performance.

  • Great Load Speed: Experience swift loading times for a seamless user experience.

  • Optimized: A finely-tuned library that prioritizes efficiency.

  • User-Friendly: Easy to use, making development a breeze.

  • Platform-Agnostic: Works seamlessly across all platforms.

  • Template Engine: Facilitates the creation of Views, components, and UI elements.

  • Form Builder: Follows HTML semantics, supporting nested form names.

  • HTML Semantics: Follow HTML semantics if you wish

  • Full Accessibility Support: You can make your app inclusive and accessible for all.

  • Container Library: Designed for seamless communication between template views and your project.

  • Async and bundle: Support asynchronous loading of or bundling of views


  • Single-Page Application (SPA): Ideal for creating SPAs with enhanced user experiences.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Apache Cordova (PhoneGap), Xamarin, Electron, Ionic, and similar.

  • Enhancing Static HTML: Easily integrates with existing static HTML structures.

  • Backend Language Integration: Communicates seamlessly with various backend languages.

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